[Michigan Economic Development Corporation] Success Stories – Apex Placement & Consulting

Based in Clawson, Apex Placement & Consulting is providing staffing solutions that work for all thanks to the help of MEDC’s business assistance services

The opportunity to work from home in 2020 changed career outlooks for many, including Jennifer Gavin, founder and CEO of Apex Placement & Consulting LLC in Clawson, Michigan. Jennifer was working for a global staffing agency when the pandemic hit, and while she knew she never wanted to leave the industry, she also recognized the opportunities that remote positions offered for working parents. When faced with the prospect of advancement in her current role, an opportunity that would require more time away from her family, she instead decided to pave the way for not only her career needs, but others seeking flexible opportunities in the industry. 

In May 2021, Jennifer started Apex Placement & Consulting LLC, a leading staffing and placement agency,when a previous connection had reached out with staffing needs. With a focus on helping people, Apex Placement & Consulting is a staffing and placement agency that helps companies find the right talent. In less than three years, she has grown her team to 25 dynamic individuals and expanded the company’s client base across multiple states, using a people-first approach to provide flexible work opportunities and attract top talent – for both the company and its clients. 


If Jennifer were to give advice to other aspiring entrepreneurs, she would say, “Take the leap! As scary as it may feel, there has never been a better time to start your own business. The tools, the opportunity and the capital are all there. Take the leap!

Industry demand has driven this rapid expansion for Jennifer’s small business. To strategically ensure the company was set up for success, she connected with business assistance services offered through the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) to help propel her company’s growth. One of the largest challenges she faced was finding technology support for her small business, as the company needed software that would support applicant tracking, payrolling and CRM that could scale with the company. Today, the company has landed on a long-term software solution, in addition to expanding their reach after connecting with their local APEX Accelerator and receiving a Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) ID number. 

Jennifer plans to continue working with the MEDC as her company grows. With hopes to expand nationwide in the next five years, Apex Placement & Consulting will utilize the services and resources offered by the MEDC to navigate changes as the company expands its reach across the United States. And while expansion outside of Michigan is in progress, the company continues to grow within the state of Michigan, using MEDC resources such as the Michigan Life site to attract talent and continue providing staffing solutions for Michigan employers. 


Apex Placement & Consulting has been named a 2024 Michigan 50 Companies to Watch by Michigan Celebrates Small Business, the largest small business awards program in the state of Michigan. Jennifer will be honored and recognized during the annual Awards Gala held in May during Small Business Month, joining one of the most prestigious cohorts of small businesses in the nation. 

Learn more about the small business services and resources available from the MEDC. 

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